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So jak artist scheduler

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So jak artist scheduler

│ Description│

Bluish green.

  • Free postcard
  • 130 x 180 mm
  • Inside : cream paper
  • Cover : fabric
  • Binding : hard cover book binding
  • RETAIL PRICE/PCS(KRW):  17,800 won

│ Our thought│
Thinking the value of small things. While everything flow easy and fast, sosomoongoo wish to be your friend, who can spare rest time. Every small piece of moments will become my shining history. We are looking foward you to cherish your mind. Even the meaningless scribbles of today, it can be precious memory of tomorrow.

sosomoongoo, started in March 2013, is a small stationery band. Creating own products, we do projects with young artists those are not yet known. And that is called So-Jak.

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